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2010 Work and Equipment Set-up

Havent been on much this season and have been really trying to take pictures of work so i finally go some pictures of a couple house's for you guys. Also, i got a picture of my car lettered and my set-up for right now. I just bought a 18hp Billy goat vac and it should be here in the next few days, and i picked up a 13hp billy goat force blower for the clean ups this season. Next purchase hopefully pretty soon is a f-550 11' monroe dump, or a f-350 with a stainless steel dump. Which ever i can get a better deal on and if i want to get a cdl yet or not, and pay the insurance. I am looking to get (2) either f-250's with boss v-xt's or f-350 with the v-xt's in the next month of so for the commercials and sub work i got for plowing. I dont want to use the ole half ton for plowing. Heres some pictures of work and my truck and equipment. More pictures will be up weekly since my dad finally left his camera home for me.
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