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Originally Posted by rockycrab View Post
Great! Now.. I do not believe I have ever seen such outstanding stripes from a rotorary mower without some sort of roller attachment. How are you doing these stripes? Love to see someone still cross cutting, i just about have to break arms to get this done by my crews.
haha. Cross cutting and diamond cuttting is the way to go if you dont want the lawn to die, in most of my lawns you can see three destinct lines from different angles.

I have trouble striping with the 36 but my employee is good at it and they are stright. I have to go super slow with the 36 to get straight lines with it but with the 60" its like i dont even have to think and it just come naturally.

I took my roller off because it was bending over the grass WAY to much even on the highest setting. I did have one though it made the lawns not look to great

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