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Hey thanks! Mighty American of you!! I have found out that I can buy in KY with NO problem - wholesale.

And yes I got my license as of Aug. I didn't do any work in July. Before that it was like 3 jobs to make sure this was going to work. I want to only do it right or not do it at all. Someone asked me why I made it a business...Said to do it as a "hobby"....I guess to "hide" the money ????

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth BUT - how does someone else buying the plants for me fix anything? If I am still planting it doesn't that mean I have to have the license? The law states that if you purchase and plant that you have to have a license. You have to have a holding area to store it in between buying and planting It sounds like a huge government racket to me!!

What does the Nursery Dealer License protect? I'm just not understanding this. Is it so I don't install infested stock or what?

Please help me understand this stupid process! Sounds like we all need to march on Washington - The little guy has a hard enough time making $$.

No matter what - I have to have the license.
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