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I haven't been to the plant.....

I just found that company online and started asking questions...and then found out they sell through my local Sherman Williams. So:

1. I shouldn't spray the gilsonite??
Probably right...I just never heard that before on all my on-line research. I mean, I can spray the AE and squeegee the gilsonite. No problem.

2. I don't plan on diluting my stuff. Everyone gives gilsonite a bad rap....but when it's not cut down to nothing, it looks good and seems to do the job great. I'm even offering to my customers that I'll prepare the product they know they aren't getting ripped off.

3. To everyone who wants to jump in this biz. I have door magnets, yards signs, grass customers, and fliers out. NOT ONE call yet!! So it's not a quick biz to least not here in Va....where all the gov't workers and contractors have money. I thought it would take right off.....maybe in the spring.

Thanks and keep the tips/suggestions and information coming.

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