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Thanks to all for the comments, both positive and negative. As far as the "striping" i mentioned, I never meant to infer that I considered this yard striped. I was referring to the fact that this grass simply does not lay down like some of the other grass I've seen on here.

If anyone has suggestions on how to not leave tire tracks when mowing, I'm all ears.

As for the help on the trailer, yea, the truck is a little underpowered, '95 1500 with about 80k miles on it, but it gets the job done. gets 7mpg when pulling but I don't travel much more than 2 miles for any of my properties, my furthest commute is 5 miles. If you are referring to the angle of the trailer, I think it's the perspective of the picture. also...AAL's or timbrens? not following there.
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