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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
.odds are you have done more work than what they have paid...that situation deserves a second look, and your contract should have something in there about canceling...
this an non payment. were the main reasons.. how many rainy days do we piss and moan about. that we can't do anything, got a drought and cant cut grass. there was plenty of time to deal with court. was I sue happy. no, it was a huge PITA, but i figured if I let them take advantage of me, then they'd do it to you or someone else...A property lien was good for 21 years in florida...@ 18%. thats a good return...Usually after all was said an done, with legal, fees, collection fees, ect. are good for another 4-500 on top of the original bill...I had a good cancellation clause that allowed both parties an out. It was a fair contract. it spelled what was to be done and what charges and when money was due...only one page long with about a dozen bullet points. I'm sure a good lawyer could have taken me to task in court, but the nice thing about smalls lawyers..
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