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Originally Posted by bignamelawncare View Post
I couldn't see myself buying a customer. I'd rather spend the money on building my brand or equipment.
possibly, of course any type of advertising or marketing or building a brand, is the same thing...dollars spent for new business

buying a customer might cost more but the odds of sucess go up. 400 door hangers, your lucky to get 1 customer. and you have no past info on them.
so you spend the money for the door hangers and labor to pass them out

but the nothing but type some letters, make some calls. get past history to make sure they pay up on time, and that they were a profitable customer. so you pay more, but you get more

like i keep saying, if you want to sell/buy a "list" its a gamble and its worth a small amount

If you want to buy or sell a list that has data to go with it, support by the old owner, profits, proof that he hasnt let the customers go to heck.....buying a true, well run COMPANY, then thats worth 10X more.

why is it that a retail business can sell for an average of up to 2YEARS of income? they dont have signed contracts with customers. all they have is their brand and reputation...... and your all thinking is that lawn customers are worth 100 bucks?

if your in my area, and want to sell out... he is my offer. i will pay $750 per account provided that it meets all my specs. might not make alot the first year, but the second, 3rd 4th.... yep. then they tell their friends so the cost for that one lead at $750 just got cut to $350. so if you live in the mchenry county area, and want to sell out please send me a message, and i will come with cash
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