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Originally Posted by R&T Services View Post
Is that the 180bt?
Nope. 380bfs Here is a blogger's take on it.

"Husqvarna’s 380 BFS commercial blower is a new model to the United States and is the top of the line model for the largest outdoor power products company in the world. The first impression of the Husqvarna’s most powerful blower, the 380 BFS is the amount of air it moves. When I added the additional tube to the blower, I was able to move hardened clay from a concrete driveway. This was clay that had washed onto the drive and had been packed hard into the concrete by traffic. The Husqvarna 380 simply lifted it up and blew it away. The 380 is a large unit and its hip belt does a nice job of transferring weight to the hips instead of the shoulders. Being an avid backpacker, I usually adjust 60-70 percent of the weight to ride on my hips and leave 30-40% on my shoulders, enough to keep the top of the back from shifting and causing a loss of control.

Hip belt on Husqvarna 380 transfers backpack's weight to hips
The advantage of a hip belt is that weight carried on the hips allows a user to work longer without causing blistering and fatigue of the shoulders. Backpacks used by the military and those used by Boy Scouts at Philmont, will average 40-50 pounds and run higher than 70 pounds in some cases. If the engineers pay closer attention to the pack frames and straps, the weight issue will be of less importance. The Husqvarna is a big unit, just under 30 pounds, but the extra pounds bring additional power and for me it’s worth the added weight."

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