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Originally Posted by Karmascapes View Post
Whats up my fellow arkansans. Down here in central arkansas, hope everyone on here is still freakin alive after the hell of a summer we've had. (pun intended)

I'll tell you what, i sure am glad i don't do lawn work anymore. i truely feel sorry for you guys having to do that day in and day out this past year. It was brutal on me and i would see the 1 million and 1 trucks riding around with mowers, better him than me, i'd think.

so seriously, who's going to with the game this weekend. **my disclaimer: i used to be a die hard hogs fan until nutt came along. then i lost faith. I think petrino is a great coach, did a lot with the program at louisville, and can hopefully bring in some nice recruits to rebuild the house out of nutts.

I am rooting for the hogs but think the tide will end up winning it. I'm a huge cfb fan, and AL has a tough offense.

lets hear the predictions...

AL 24-21.
obviously not a true hog fan shame on you saying alabama is going to win
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