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Help with Property Management Lunch

I have arranged a lunch for a property management company that handles a lot of the homeowner's associations in the area. The lunch is for about 15 community association managers and I am to give a 20 minute (approx.) presentation about myself, my company, benefits of using us, etc. I have done this before, but this one company seems to make there lunches a lot more formal with a set time and presentation. I usually just bring lunch in and talk with them individually and hand them promotional items (pens, letter openers, brochures, etc.). This has been mildly successful with the opportunity to bid about 3-5 properties over the course of several months, but I think I can do better.

My question is how can I get the most out of this presentation? Would it be wrong to hand out papers for them to fill out for their information and asking to evaluate any of their properties and give them a proposal? How many have done a lunch like this and how have you made it successful?

Thanks for any input or advice you may give!
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