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I used to be a property manager as well so have sat through many of those lunches.

Take this opportunity to find out what problems they are encountering in working with contractors and managing their landscapes. Start off the presentation with about 5 minutes about how your company operates and why they should consider your service and then use the rest of the time to get them talking about what they are having problems with. This engages them in the meeting and gives you a chance to let them know just how you can solve their problems. Most likely the rest of the time you have will be spent with this topic (trust me!) but the rest of the time let them ask you questions and educate them!!!

As far as handouts, I would develop a sheet that offers them and their Boards a "Free Landscape Health Report" with a few questions regarding items of concern to them about their property. Tell them you will go out and evaluate the health of their landscape for free, no obligations and provide them with a report of your findings. I'm not sure how to say this any other way - but keep this offer "light & fluffy" - no obligation for them to give you the opportunity to bid the job. The idea here is to give them something that will make you memorable to them. It's a small price to pay to get your name out there and get your foot in the door. Say you spend 6 hours doing 2 reports (walking the property, travel, typing the report) If you get one opportunity to bid, then that's a small price to pay and quite inexpensive, wouldn't you say?

If you have a newsletter, be sure and have a 1/4 sheet sign up sheet they can provide their name and e-mail - just another way to keep in touch!
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