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I have a 36 V-Ride with about 100 hours on it that my crew uses. After just a few days I took the 80 lbs of weight bolted under the front of the mower, the big pad, and the fold down platform extension.

Removing the big pad allows the rider to get closer to the center of the axle area (yes I know it's not an axle). Removing the fold down ramp makes the operator stay closer axle. The further behind the axle you get the more unstable the mower becomes (light in the front). Removing the 80 lbs or so bolted under the front saves fuel and makes cross cutting a hill much easier. The mower doesn't want to nose dive down the hill as much. My mowers has probably lost 100 lbs.

I just wish the operating controls were pushed forward about 8" so the operators weight could be forward of the axle area a little bit more. This would also allow the operator to lean forward on up hill mows. Still a good mower and I've sent Scag my ideas. I'm waiting for Scag to send me my check for two cents.

It's great to be able to step off the mower without having to waste time locking any safety devices or putting the brake on. Plus the brake actually works great. On the two Scag 36 SWZU mowers I have the brakes rods push down and flex which is a bad design. The V-Rides brake lever pulls up so there's no flex and the brakes actually work. Plus having one lever for height adjust is heaven compared to having four pins on the SWZU's.

Scag was pretty slow getting to the stand on party but they might just have the best machine.
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