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well im not sure if you mean that is what you have the big flashy things but this year is the year of all things that do not make money or add overhead is out the door... like you have said loads of estimating in the spring but there is all ways the handy man that puts the numbers in the washer.. sooo this year im working up to get in to a small 2 man mowing & clean ups.... i have one truck not doing any thing so it is costing me money and rent me and my equipment out to others.. also i picked up a housing development (25 houses) and did the old no pavement swap for pavers.. keep numbers close to cost and get the money on the fancy stuff.. 2 men dig out 2 men lay and cut.. one drive complete daily. to do the pavers and stay as low as pavement is gross but worked with techo and became techo pro and they give you a big 25% on top of what you get at your supplier.. and that is another good place to get some pennys from them and deals... but it has been the year of getting more paper out and lets in...
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