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Looks like more and more people are going for more practical route on hand helds.

It never make sense to me why people HAVE to have the "ONE", paying big money and then pay more to the dealer to maintain it. Can you imagin a $350 trimmer with two service of $120 each for 5 years. That will be $600 with tax. You honestly think the "ONE" will last three time as long as the ones mentioned here?

I said it many times, if you treat it as a toy like me, then yes, buy the "ONE" and imagin it will work better than anything else. If you use them as tools, then just go with the most logical way. If you have crews, what do you care?

I shouldn't be putting people down too much on wanting to have the "ONE" since I am one of them, sweating months on the "BEST" hedge trimmer!!! Just admit to yourself that this is your toy and be happy!!!

You want to get the job done, get the low two hundreds trimmers and use it as dispossables or read the other posts about buying tools with the same engine and learn how to fix it yourself. You have your bigger ZTRs that you have to have the dealer sucking your money already. You still want to contribute more to the dealer for this kind of simple stuff?
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