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Hi Gravy: Thank you for sharing your mowing pics with us. It is clear that you strive for a detailed and manicured look. I hate to pile on with the comments about the wheel ruts, but personally I don't like that look. Granted, with Bermuda cut that high, it's difficult to avoid, especially with a 21. Using wider tire mowers works better -- we would probably use a Walker on those properties, but even that will leave marks where the grass lays down. We have a few properties that insist on leaving the Bermuda cut high (and thus leaves tracks); we require the crews to blow the tracks out with a blower and it leaves a more (in my opinion) professional look. Please take these comments in the spirit they are offered.

A couple of points regarding the plants at the front of the first house. First, that crape myrtle has gotten too big for that space. It looks sloppy laying on the roof. Might be time for a little crape murder. Second, what's going on with the shrub on the front right corner? It looks out of control and is inconsistent with the pruning of the other shrubs. Just my 2 cents.

Ignore the guys talking about stripes. That's all those yankee types think about as they cut all those fescue lawns.
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