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Hydro update..... still have not got the seal in :-( ... it took over a week to get the seal ... meanwhile my right hand man went off work for a number of days (injured) and I had to fill in ... then I had to finish rebuilding our second trailer because we needed it back in operation, it is normaly very dry this time of year with not alot happenning in the grass growing ... but not this year, it has been raining almost every day lately, wettest winter in over 20 years! ... the growing season has come 2 months early, so I put a young casual guy on to help us out and went to put the seal in yesterday .... WRONG SEAL! So I currently await for the right seal to come in.

While I am waiting I have another question if I may. I bought 2 second hand walkers, both MTGHS 26hp EFI, 1 going, 1 not, I will be selling the 20hp when i finaly get the seal in. Ok, the going walker has 1600 hrs on it and goes fine on flat ground but does not pull properly on slopes, on one side the hydro is not working right. I replaced the oil in the hydros and the drive axels, but it looks like i might be up for a new hydro, well I read somwhere in here that you should not just replace the hydro because the old drive axel could do damage to the new hydro, I was just wondering what you guys have to say about that?
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