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Originally Posted by EverestLandscape View Post
One of the best lookin trucks on lawnsite man...well done sir!! very sweet rig. I know what your sayin about maintenance making the money. If i only did construction, i'd be out of business. Maintenance is making me serious money right now, between grass, mulch, hedge trimming, fertilizing, seed etc., i can't complain haha. I'm looking to get a dump truck my self, but had to buy new mowers this year so i guess next year. By the way, get a nice sign made for the back of your new trailer. I have gotten maybe 15 lawns from people just sitting behind me at stop lights and such. I wish you luck on your continued success and hope all goes well. Once again great truck. How is it plowing with the Chevy's?? I heard because of the independent front suspension its a little more of a pain, just wondering haha
Thanks man we love the dump truck as well it has been a lifesaver all year long. As far as plowing with chevys, I've never had a problem with the suspension being independent and we have a Fisher MM1 hangin on there all winter long. I am in the process of getting the plow for the dump truck which is a Fisher MM2 Stainless V plow so it will be interesting to see how that truck does this winter.
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