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Originally Posted by delonglandscaping View Post
i know what you mean but i dont understand how i am going to get screwed if i already have the check?

And the contract is notorized by my lawyer and his lawyer.

Its my employee and friends uncle and i know him very well. We have done a lot of work already for him and his accountant sends a check literally the same day i send the bill out . I get it one or two days later.

he wants his properties plowed so cars can get in there, he doesnt care how it gets done or weather the pavement gets scruffed up. Because 'it happends' to everyone eventually. He gets that i am young and gets what my company is about and is giving me a chance to show him what i got, so then he can give referal's to all his corporate buddys. haha

I got my new leaf loader in and it is sick.

Well, how does it do ? I'm really exited to pickup mine in a week !
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