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1st picture: a tree i cut down and hauled up to my cottage. Its around 6000 pounds of weight. Actually a little more.

2nd picture. My house

3rd. My blown out tire on my trailer that happened on i-75 on the way to pick up the vantage. Scared the **** out of me and cracked a windshield out behind me.

4th and 5th. An arborviaes and mulch job done a couple weeks back. Of coarse i didnt buy the crooked tree's, I MEANT REALLY REALLY CROOKED . but i planted and installed all of them. They look really uneven in the picture but are evenly spaced out. I bought the mums because she wanted color for cheap. So i just got yellow and orange mums for a little color. They are much bigger now than in the picture. I also picked up her mowing account and a sprinkler install next season.
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