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Originally Posted by Croat View Post
Clark, just wondering if you got the piece put in and if it works. I called the rep. from Toro that I've been talking to and told him about it. No response from them yet...big surprise. I was told by my dealer that the baffle would be of no help...another big surprise. Toro just needs to step up and say that the deck design is crappy and they screwed up. Then get their engineers on the problem so they can FIX there's an idea! In my book, the Toro reputation is on the line with this one.
Hey Croat, I finally got the piece on & took about 2 minutes if that to put it on, it works great!

Toro figured out what was happening, the grass coming out of the discharge area was swirling cut grass back under the deck and leaving a trail on the right side & this little piece of metal that Toro sent me stops that from happening, so the problem is solved!

And if you put the discharge chute up about half way with a bungee cord the cut grass will go flying out about 10 to 15 feet or more, the suction is just incredible now, even better than it already was!

In my opinion the little piece of metal should have come with the mower when it was new, hello Toro!

Good Luck With Yours, Clark

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