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What I do is constantly re-evaluate everything I do based on the realities in my market area and my target audience.

My target audience are the people that live in the gated communities, upscale communities, etc.,. Whenever we do a project in these neighborhoods, we usually pick up at least one more before we're done with the initial project.

Generally, a lot of these clients already have an idea on what they want, (i.e. Unilock Paver Patio, etc.,) which makes things a lot easier for me. So does having references in the area, etc., which helps sell the quality aspect.

Lowballers have taken a toll & we're doing okay.

But what's coming soon will take a greater toll:

The state & federal govt's hammering my target audience with higher taxes, which means they will have a lot less in disposable income to spend.

2011 will be an interesting year.
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