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Originally Posted by Wayne 55 View Post
MD lawn
I hear you and you know where I am coming from then. Although O.P. has plenty of properties to work on most our business back in the stone ages was in the Amherst Williamsville area. Again another good area for making money. Back in the days we had 10 customers on one street all the lots tied together no moving just park and mow. You know what I am talking about. Less window time and more money to be had.

Where are you located? Nice to here from a local for a change. By the way we never steped on toes while in business. It didnt make for good relationships between us landscapers. We are all out there together earning a living and there is plenty of room for everyone without cutting throats. Thats how we ran it years ago and I plan on keeping that same moto. Best wishes to you.

Most of my business is in the Amherst/Williamsville area, although only part time for now. I worked for a friend where we had 15 lawns in one neighborhood in OP and we could get them done in about 4.5-5hrs. Good size ones too. It was sooo easy, but he made all the money!!

I also try not to "step on toes" of other businesses and I know what you are saying. I seem to be one of the more expensive guys anyways as I am constantly beat out by the $15-$23/cut guys. It's definitely tougher right now but things will hopefully turn around. Back when I worked with my friend we were getting too much work, without even advertising. Maybe I'll be back in the southtowns and have to start up all over again but I really love the southtowns.
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