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Originally Posted by tnmtn View Post
i have run my 7.3 ford on up to B20 biodiesel. it is noticibly quieter and smoother running with no loss of power. i liked the lubrication qualities as opposed to ulsd. until it is better regulated i'm not sure i would run more than B5 in a newer electronic truck.

I've run B20 in my 2003 F350 and the comparison between the truck on B20 and ULSD is downright scary. Truck feels like it ha more power and is much, much quieter.

I doubt its more powerful since B20 and B5 blends have slightly less BTU content than straight petro ULSD. Slightly as in 1-3%. However the lubricity is much greater so its the thing that makes the engine less noisy.

Most new vehicles would have some trouble on B20 but should do fine on B5/B2 and most new carmakers warranty their engines up to B5.

Anything above B20 is a gamble on all but the oldest diesels in many cases.
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