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Originally Posted by joed View Post
I bought one in April of this year. Overall, a pretty good blower. However, it doesn't blow as hard as the numbers Echo provides (765cfm at the tube and 201 mph). I also have a Stihl BR600. The Echo does blow a little harder than the Sthil. I used to have a Redmax 8000. That thing was the best and most powerful blower I ever had. It was getting a little old in the tooth this spring so I sold it and got the Echo PB770. Before buying I tried a Redmax 8050, a Shindaiwa EB802 and a Shindaiwa EB8520. I found the Echo to blow the hardest but definitely not as hard as the old Redmax 8000/8001. Shindaiwa is coming out with a revised version of the EB8520 called the eb854. According the numbers the dealer gave me, this blower produces: 762 cfm at the pipe with an airspeed of 224 mph and 1349 cfm in the housing. These numbers are from Shindaiwa. He's getting a demo model at the end of the month and I'll get to use it for a day. So, we'll see if this new Shindaiwa offering surpasses the Echo PB770.
Ever try that shindaiwa yet your dealer was getting in?
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