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Originally Posted by domain311 View Post
Ever try that shindaiwa yet your dealer was getting in?
Yes I did. I ended up buying one. The Shindaiwa eb854 is an incredible blower. Power-wise, it puts out more air than the Echo PB770. It blows things like crazy and really good on fuel. I used to think my old Redmax 8000 was the strongest blower I had but this Shindaiwa outblows it. It does have some negatives. It's heavy, about on par with the Redmax 8000/8001/8050 but it sits well. It's also a bit hard to start on cold mornings but I've managed to get that problem fixed by setting the throttle to half-way when first starting. It takes a bit of force to turn the 80 cc engine over but it's not too bad. Last, the thing puts out so much air that the tubes keep shaking loose. Overall, this blower is incredible. I'll have a better review when the leaves start to fall but so far, I'm very happy. The new H4 engine purrs like a kitty kat. Great machine.
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