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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
Thanks for posting guys and great equipment!!, lot of cool stuff there parotfeathers. That is also a great story about your dad cutting a 99, I hope I am still cutting at that age, sorry for your loss. That is also a nice SD Hustler reuter, got yourself a great mower, I am jealous, I would love to have a 60" deck, just to many obstacles.

I created this thread to help those searching for homeowner equipment, most of us have come here seeking advice on a purchase and it is nice to pay the favor back. Gives people a first hand look and some ideas on equipment guys and gals are using on the homefront. If anyone has anything to add, post up some pictures and a little info on the product and hopefully it helps someone down the road. Thanks again.

this site made a HUGE difference in selecting a mower. the information, both positive and critical help me make an informed decision. also, the sponsor forums was of great assistance because i could get any answer i needed from a manufactures representative.


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