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I think it looks that way because I resized it after exporting it from Photo Shop Deluxe. I'll try again. The name, I have been using sense 1996 and I have been Incorporated sense December of 1998. My wife and I got our start being in business hauling off the drywall scraps from home construction mostly. In the last three years we have expanded into stone,sand dirt, and mulch delivery. I also have farmed my grandfathers place all my life. I have been mowing yards sense I can remember. I mowed 3 acres on my dads place in Hamilton Co. My grandfathers place was in Madison Co. he had seven acres I took care of and there were two neighbor on five acre lots that I ended up doing for four or five years I don't remember the years. HA thats been awhile. I bought a DC last year and have it in my head I would like to take on some lawn care work. I have worked one summer with a large lawn care outfit in the Indianapolis area so combined with my farm back ground I expect I will get by. This site has been a god send as far as necessary info goes. I have read for hours and found just about all the answers a new guy can think of. It's those surprises that I'M oh so not looking forward to. LOL
I don't ever intend to only be in the green industry but I want to handle any of my clients in the most professional of ways. This is how my wife and I have always conducted our business and we are very proud of our reputation. Our reputation for quality work has gotten us 90% of all our new client's I have to admit I would have undercharged if I hadn't found this site. Now I have a much better understanding of the professional standard you all try to maintain. Just so you all know I intend to do my part to maintain that standard. Mostly because it pays better LOL but I like doing a good its the money
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