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Thanks for the comments! We moved here 3 yrs ago and the first thing I did was get the soil tested & it was in pretty bad shape. Spent almost 2 yrs doing nothing but amending the soil per the extension office's suggestion. Renovated a 14k area in the front last year, a little over an acre in the back this year & I have another 30k or so in the very front that I will renovate next spring. I received a tremendous amount of help from the guys that hang out in the renovation section......absolutely could not have got it done correctly with out them.

saw n mow.... I'm mowing right at 2 acres & it takes between 2-3 hrs to mow, trim, edge & blow. I enjoy the yard work though so I'm never in a hurry.

Capemay.... I just picked up that aerator on CL a few months ago. Replaced all the spoons, added some weight & used it for the first time last week. Does a great job. The guy that we bought the house from did a great job setting the house on the property. We sit on top of a hill so you can't even see the house from the street. I've lost 3 of those pines to disease /bugs since moving here. I sure hope I don't lose any more.

I envy you guys with the Bad Boy mowers.....if I wasn't afraid my wife would actually shoot me I might consider one of those ....
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