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I have a 73 c-50. yesterday my brakes caught fire. I can't get anyone to work on it, within the next week. So I have to fix them myself. I have done brakes on cars and small trucks before, but I have never seen anything like the brake drum I am looking at now. Does the whole drum slide over the lug uts? It is hard to tell. Also there is the little cover on the middle of the drum. IT is held on with four or five bolts. I took it off expecting to find a wheel bearing, instead I found this strange butterfly type thingey. there is also some type of toothed slide, perhaps so i can slide the drum off the axel? Does anyone know how to take off the brake drum? how to replace the shoes and/or wheel cilinders will probaly be my next question. So you could go ahead and tell me any secerts i need to know about that
Thanks in advance
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