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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
those all look like crap if you asked me. To the first guy.... your running the same lines so much you have made ruts. Thats why in your wheel marks the grass is dark green (its long) and in the center it is browning out (because your scalping it now)

To the second guy.... the lines dont have crisp clean edges, they are wavy and fat/skinny in areas.

Both are B+ work and look good enough for who there for.
You totally bash my pictures then call them b+ work? ruts, none. that's a little extreme. longer grass yes, where the tires marks are. Scalped, that's a little extreme too. The light spots in the first picture is a different type of grass or a patch of weeds. coming out of a bad summer with no rain that grass actually looks very good. Everyone of those lawns has been cut in other directions at one time or another. Every lawn is different and yes I sometimes run my lines in the same direction for a little while.
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