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Looks good. In the other thread in the landscaping forum, you asked for some constructive criticism, so as long as you've dragged me over here to this forum, I might as well take the time to offer a little.

I like the way you've softened the larger open wall spaces on the building. And the way you brought in different sizes and textures. Nice mix of color, deciduous and evergreen. And I like the way you added some curves to the corners, etc. Brings interest into the landscape.

A few things I noticed..... First, do hydrangeas do well in full all day sun there? Because they don't here in Oregon. And I consider ours a pretty mild climate. Usually we try to put them in partial shade here. Seems like some of those areas might be kinda sunny. But then again, I don't know how plants do in your climate.

The other thing I noticed was the use of Juniper. I think there is pretty much a universal dislike for junipers. Most people I know can't stand them and pay us to remove them. IMO, I think another evergreen shrub would be better for that area.

The only other suggestion I have is to place a few large boulders throughout those areas. They don't cost much and make really nice accents for landscapes. Might want to see if that's something that could be worked into the budget.

Good luck! Always nice to get big jobs near the end of the year.
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