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Thanks Jim, I appreciate the comments. , sorry for dragging you over here.

The Oak leaf hydrangeas in the pictures are in mostly shade so they should be fitting for the situation.

The Pinky Winky Hydrangeas will get the most sunlight on the section of the building facing to the east. They should be OK though as they don't seem to take the heat stress the same as a traditional Annabelle, or a colorful hydrangea such as the endless summer hydrangea.

The side of the building I'm working on faces the north and the building is positioned for optimal sun exposure on the south side. So ultimately the side I'm working on is going to get the most shading.

I agree about the junipers, and the fact they aren't the most popular plants in the landscape anymore. I looked up and down my supplier sheets to find good evergreens for that side, but couldn't come up with anything that wasn't a Juniper or Yew that was going to give me the height and spread. So ultimately I went for the juniper to get enough height and width to break up that side of the building.

We went through about 4 different designs for that larger side against the gym. They settled on the final image posted above, not my first choice, but theirs non-the less.

Of course being a school budget was a factor, and on top of it they wanted as many hardy plants that weren't going to take a whole lot of effort to keep in shape. Generally I had to choose plants that would hold a good natural shape to them if neglected.

I like the rock idea. When I was on-site marking out the beds, I noticed that there will be a couple of blank spots that will be visible until some of the plants get mature, so the rocks would fill in the voids. I will mention to the contact person on this job, but I have a feeling that they won't want to add anything else to the final bill. I had actually come up with three estimates that included brick edging, and more shade trees around the property. Even thought there wasn't much of a price difference, they wanted to keep it as low as possible.

Another thing too, is that larger Stones are extremely expensive here, only because we don't have an endless supply of them like other regions of the U.S. To put 4-5 large boulders in would cost at least 600- 1000 dollars more. .

Thanks again Jim for the comments, you do some great work and I appreciate the input.
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