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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Doing pretty good man. Can't complain considering the state of the economy. Even though business didn't " Blow Up " like I hoped, it still grew, and I'm more comfortable looking into the future.

Read you post in you thread about the employee situation, too bad it had to go south on you, but at least your getting through this year. Love the FB picture of the kid holding the football.

The project is actually started, I've gotten all the beds marked out and the only thing I'm waiting for is the all clear from the utility companies, which is officially tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. I'll go in today though and scalp the grass in the beds with my trimmer and get them sprayed with roundup. I just plan on tilling the sod over and doing a follow up spraying next spring.
Haha thanks about the pic. Glad to hear you were able to start the job, I'll definitely look out for updates!
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