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Ok I tried to implement some of the advise given here. As for the name I like it being non descriptive. It leaves the door open for more than one enterprise with out having multiple company names. Now that would be a pita. Scotts is right I think. Scotts being plural in this case. My wife and I make two Scotts.But even if I'M wrong about that it's a registered name at this point. Scotts Dependable Services Incorporated. We are a S-corp.
Yes walkertalker I reversed the picture of the mower. Good Eye.
I just thought it fit better that direction. It's gone now any way. If you guy don't like this version any better I will probable scrap this idea and start over. One thing I would like to mention is the nice thing about designing your own cards is you can always change it or have more than one design for each application or even season. I have a completely different card for my construction clean-up service's for instance. thanks to all for the feed back it helps a lot.
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