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A few things:

Use colors that contrast. Too many light colors wash out the design. Maybe a hunter green back round. The font should go too. Maybe a Arial Bold or Arial font. Its best not to use too many fonts in a design. One or two is fine. Also to cut costs you can do a two color design. Knock out letters make the design appear as a 3 color design. Why not put Scott's Lawn/Landscape. You want people to know what type of work you do. Not all people know what a ZTR is. You want them to get a basic idea of what you do. You don't want to turn the business card into an ad. A Lawyer never puts everything he does on his card. Just the basics Company name, phone# Fax# address contact name. Trust me I also have a clothing company. We screen print shirts. You would be surprised how you can make things stand out by keeping it simple. Travis
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