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Husqvarna purchased redmax about a year ago so they could use the strato-charged technology in their products. I'm not saying that all Husqvarna products and Redmax products are the same, just that you might want to consider that.
The biggest problem that plagues most outdoor power equipment manufacturers is the EPA. Compliance with emmisions has restricted performance to a point where some of the products have become unreliable. Echo is a great example of this, which Is why I wont recommend any echo products at all. After about a year of commercial use the mufflers sound like maraca's and the carbs stop supplying enough fuel to the motor. They come from the factory restriced in power and they only get worse. Shindaiwa and Echo recently merged so now I am also weary of shindaiwa's.

I like Stihl but they specialize in chainsaws. Lots of people seem to think that they are the best because of the reputation they have for building high quality chainsaw's but the fact is some of the other products they produce aren't as good as others on the market. I have had lots of problems with their 4-mix motors, specifically thier line trimmers. They have plenty of power and work well. if you can keep them running right.

Kawasaki builds a really solid product. All thier motors run great and seem to be pretty efficient. The problem with them is that a lot of the equipment they produce uses the same parts and they feel a little cheesy, but that also makes thier products very affordable.

Currently all of the equipment in my company is like this
honda 21" mowers
Exmark, and Scag, mid size and ride on mowers.
Redmax backpack blowers
Stihl handheld blowers
stick edgers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers are all kawasaki.
Chainsaw's are all Husqvarna and Stihl

hope this helps.
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