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thanks Threadbare, i forgot all about Kawasaki having a 2-stroke equipment line. I like their 4 stroke engines for the most part, they make up 90% of our 4 stroke equipment, the rest being honda. i'm also able to get Kawasaki at dealer cost so thats a plus in management's eyes..

Also been Demoing a couple pieces of Tanaka equipment and one Efco chain saw. anyone know much about these lines? The Tanaka piece is a pole pruner and seems to be holding up very well as apposed to our redmax long and short pruners SRTZ-LRTZ. These have been a problem since the beginning, the Adjustable heads are just way to lose and they constantly strip gears but the Tanaka has a better clamping system instead of the bolt and bracket system. I've never heard of Efco till now but seems priced up there with Husqvarna and Stihl in the chainsaw line. he was able to sell us one for the simple fact that it's made in Italy like a ferrari lol
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