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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
That is awesome....that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Definitely check it out. Well worth it. Scag really did a good job on this mower. Where else have you seen a thread where everyone has something good to say about any machine? lol

if praising it - all you want to hear wan to hear ... -

here's your major and following flaws:

"After just a few days I took the 80 lbs of weight bolted under the front of the mower, the big pad, and the fold down platform extension.
I just wish the operating controls were pushed forward about 8" so the operators weight could be forward of the axle area a little bit more....

looks like it's not a "a VERY good engineered standon:" after all?
inability to balance it right from the beginning - adding and carrying a dead weight, far from COG - would turn me off from the start

but well, if praise scag engineers - your way to go... good, may be next time they'll add you more dead weight...
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