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Originally Posted by PTP View Post
Do you guys have any trouble with your hands getting tired on the V-Ride? I demoed one the other day and after an hour, my hands were quite tired. Now, I am used to using my Stander for 8+ hours a day and so one hour on the V-Ride should have been easy. I think that it has to do with the controls being so close to your body instead of forward more.

What has your experience been?
I demoed it for about a week and half and only used it for a day since I just bought it but I haven't had that problem. If anything my calves and hammies are a little tight after using it Wednesday all day but I'm sure that's because my legs just aren't used to it.

Originally Posted by demhustler View Post

if praising it - all you want to hear wan to hear ... -

here's your major and following flaws:

"After just a few days I took the 80 lbs of weight bolted under the front of the mower, the big pad, and the fold down platform extension.
I just wish the operating controls were pushed forward about 8" so the operators weight could be forward of the axle area a little bit more....

looks like it's not a "a VERY good engineered standon:" after all?
inability to balance it right from the beginning - adding and carrying a dead weight, far from COG - would turn me off from the start

but well, if praise scag engineers - your way to go... good, may be next time they'll add you more dead weight...
Did you read the last line of in the link that you provided? Despite a few minor problems(in his opinion) he still thinks it is the best stand on! "Scag was pretty slow getting to the stand on party but they might just have the best machine."

Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
can someone answer?
Here was my answer about the hills....I don't have any really huge hills to worry about, but I have a few slopes that my Z or my Navigator always slip on and the V-Ride handled it like a pro. I made sure to use it on those lawns to see the difference and it was 10 times better than my other mowers. Hopefully someone that deals with some bigger hills will have some better input.

Maybe no one else has that much experience with huge hills.

Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i did not like the knee pad, although i know it can be adjsuted, if felt like it pushed you back too far if that makes sense. i have a size 12 ft and i need that room!! also, the odd combination of starting and shutting down process. i cant remember now, but it was not natural at all and different from like every other mower. it did hower seem to hold the small hill i took it on well, but i have no idea about a serious incline and doubt it. the front end is long to accomodate the velocity deck, which it has to be, but because of this it is easier to scalp with any scag due to the wheel base to work with such a deep length deck.

i do however like the controls on the Vride much better than the grandstands, but the wrights are the best but could use a bit more padding
Grassman--That's funny. I find myself barely even touching the knee pad. I definitely agree about the startup procedure. I didn't even think about it until you said it. It definitely is unnatural. I'm thinking over time I'll get used to it, but i agree it is very weird! Some of my "terrain" is very uneven but I would say most of it is relatively flat. I haven't seen any scalping issues at all. I cut mostly fescue and bluegrass if that matters. What are you cutting?
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