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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i did not like the knee pad, although i know it can be adjsuted, if felt like it pushed you back too far if that makes sense. i have a size 12 ft and i need that room!! also, the odd combination of starting and shutting down process. i cant remember now, but it was not natural at all and different from like every other mower. it did hower seem to hold the small hill i took it on well, but i have no idea about a serious incline and doubt it. the front end is long to accomodate the velocity deck, which it has to be, but because of this it is easier to scalp with any scag due to the wheel base to work with such a deep length deck.

i do however like the controls on the Vride much better than the grandstands, but the wrights are the best but could use a bit more padding
on toro grandstand (and exmark) standing position even farther back (sentar sitting position too) - so, how scag in comparison;
also - how forward position on feris evo feels compare to all above?
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