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Originally Posted by PTP View Post
When I demoed the Scag, I specifically took it on some fairly steep hills. It held them well. It did not hold them as good as my Wright did (I tried it just after) but it did do well. I don't think anything can top the Wright - regular machines that is.

I also didn't like the fact with the Scag that the controls were so near to your body. I like them out a bit so that your hands don't tire so quickly. Also, with the controls so near, you don't have much leverage if you hit something and stop quickly. They put the handles right on level with my pubic bone and I am not really excited about that sort of feeling.
what was differences exactly in holding hill? (lets just try to find out)

tire size, mower weight, hp, deck size - comparable? (traction on tires about the same)?

when it start go nose down - which machine easier to straighten up bask?
simple test for hillside stability: which one have more traction on tires (and control) going uphill backwards? (or which one will loose traction first?)
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