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Originally Posted by demhustler View Post

if praising it - all you want to hear wan to hear ... -

here's your major and following flaws:

"After just a few days I took the 80 lbs of weight bolted under the front of the mower, the big pad, and the fold down platform extension.
I just wish the operating controls were pushed forward about 8" so the operators weight could be forward of the axle area a little bit more....

looks like it's not a "a VERY good engineered standon:" after all?
inability to balance it right from the beginning - adding and carrying a dead weight, far from COG - would turn me off from the start

but well, if praise scag engineers - your way to go... good, may be next time they'll add you more dead weight...
Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
can someone answer?
Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
G., what your likes/ dislikes?
Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
on toro grandstand (and exmark) standing position even farther back (sentar sitting position too) - so, how scag in comparison;
also - how forward position on feris evo feels compare to all above?
Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
what was differences exactly in holding hill? (lets just try to find out)

tire size, mower weight, hp, deck size - comparable? (traction on tires about the same)?

when it start go nose down - which machine easier to straighten up bask?
simple test for hillside stability: which one have more traction on tires (and control) going uphill backwards? (or which one will loose traction first?)
Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
"Faster turns" - is it size matter or does same size(weight) ztr would turn slower than stendon? does sitting or standing makes the difference?

how scag compares to other standons and riders in regard of turf damage on turns? (u-turns, pivot,3-point turns, etc)
With the risk of sounding like a smarta**, (I'm really not trying to be) Maybe a demo would be the best thing for you. Very few guys on here have experience with the V-Ride, Grandstand, Vantage, Wright, Ferris Evo, etc., etc. to give you a full comparisons

Also dude...there's a multi quote button to the right of the quote button.
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