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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
It holds hills well. As well as a Turf Tiger and they do well.

The cool non productive thing on the V ride is that I can currently ride a 20ft wheelie with one. I about 220lbs so that helps out but it powers up easy if you try. The neat thing with doing wheelie's is the operator platform stops you from flipping over. It drags and acts as a wheelie bar.

DLAWNS, demhustler likes asking questions until he finds a negative about a Scag. The one quote of the guy removing parts (knee pad, weights, etc) also said everything he buys he needs to change something. So the guy likes to mess with stuff, doesn't mean the mower is wrong.
Haha...nice job with the wheelie! lol

Demhustler- why the hatin for the Scag? Just wonderin.... why don't you just buy a Hustler stand on unit? oh wait, they don't have just messin with ya.
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