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Thanks Guys, it is looking fairly good.

I ended up finishing the beds next to the building yesterday. I originally was going to rent a bed edger to cut the edge, but the ground was extremely hard. I figured by the time I went and got the edger, I would have half of it cut with a shovel. I also figured the bed edger would just bounce around and have problems cutting a good edge.

So, using a shovel gave me a deeper trench to deal with, and if the school wants me to come back in the future to either re-cut the edge, or install brick edging, then I figure I'd be ahead of the curve.

I'm a day behind on this project, just from the tilling process. This soil is the hardest I've dealt with in 5 years. Being a day behind though isn't so much of a big deal. It gives me an opportunity to bring my mini and backhoe over the weekend to dig the holes for the B&B trees without having any kids, or vehicles to get in my way.

Originally I was going to rent a 34" auger for the B&Bs, but the soil is way too compacted. I think my backhoe attachment will work better and I can semi-over dig the holes to help the roots go somewhere.

Pics tonight, I didn't finish what I was doing until dark last night.

This is the longest post I've made in a while, and sorry to anyone if I haven't responded to any personal mails, or in this thread more thoroughly. I've had to deal with a sick kid, multitudes of estimates, consultations, and a couple of designs. Free time has been few and far between.

Never did I expect to be this busy this fall. Almost makes me want to hire someone just to finish out the season.......... Probably wont though and I can focus on expanding a bit over the winter. Luckily all this work I'm lining up now can be done next spring as most people who are calling now have mentioned if it's too late to wait until then.
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