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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
With the risk of sounding like a smarta**, (I'm really not trying to be) Maybe a demo would be the best thing for you. Very few guys on here have experience with the V-Ride, Grandstand, Vantage, Wright, Ferris Evo, etc., etc. to give you a full comparisons

Also dude...there's a multi quote button to the right of the quote button.
that's why this discussion; many people, many opinions - better picture

not many have opportunity to compare all above - or race them side by side;
even if i could - it would be only my opinion - but i'm asking here opinion of others;
if you want to win the race - you looking where you win, where you loose, where strong, where week points, why, what the reason, what can be done, what'll work, what not

most of us- not for particular brand, but for better mower,
to make you carry a dead weight on the front to fix weight distribution problem (counterweights) - is a sloppy design, good for quick fix on the field, for lowering production costs, but poor engineering solution

praise the lord scag - will only help them to do sloppier job and get away with it; would lower standards for industry and other oem...
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