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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
You post as you know more than them, which I doubt greatly. You ask for opinions then say they are wrong when the guy running them says it's good. For the extra weight mowers need a certain weight not to slide also. To little weight the mower slides instead of grips. Width is the same way on my super z it would slide even though it was wider compared to the tt. The tt held the hill better even though it was skinner and weighed more. You need a bit more experience on different mowers to actuall understand what works. You can't just say they added weight and that is bad. Maybe they wanted the platform to stop flipping backward? Maybe the front weight helped the front track better.

How many mowers have came to market with breakdowns happening? And the v ride has not had issues. But to you that have not put hours on one say it's crap? Sorry you are full of bs.
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i see: sorry but you have no idea (too dumb to understand?) what been sed in my post
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