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lookin' good..

went out today to hang doorknobs and everywhere we went we found that another guy had already been there, putting flyers in newspaper boxes. he was advertising that the average 9,000 square foot lawn only costs $20 to mow, and $58 to areate. seems like some stiff competition, that's ok with me 'cause everywhere we went it seems like his flyers were blown around and laying in puddles in front of the home owners driveways, bleeding ink. instead of leaving them lay on the ground (which would of made him look bad), i decided to pick them up as i walked which made me look good. quite a few people saw me doing this, so i feel it was good PR. BTW, this was my first time running doorknob hangers, felt kind of strange at first but got a little easier as the day went on. we only got about 300 out and had to stop due to some very cold rain, there's alway tommorow....
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