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Honestly i really dont know how much it holds but if corey says his holds/should hold about 432 cu yrds
ours prob holds prob. almost double that!?
maybe in the 600 range idk!
I'll ask around and see....
I think the sides are 5ft or so on top of the trailer.
then prob like 4ft at the front
so its about 9-10 ft all together.
(my boss and father built it one weekend)

ahahah! But yeah its kinda weird pulling something behind you that is alot taller than you but once we get it rollin' you almost forget it back there with the exception that it is a dumb pintle hitch which all it does is bounce around.
since its tandem i can pull it with my z-71 if i really needed to.

Originally Posted by Martinson9 View Post
How many cubic yards do you think that holds? How high are those sides? We have 4 foot plywood sides on top of our 2 foot trailer sides for a total of 20+ cubic yards.

Yours looks like it would hold a ton, but I'd be nervous with how tall it is.
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