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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
I remember my first couple of weeks with my first Z, it was a whole new game. I mean did you ever think in you life you would look forward to cutting the lawn???
I like machines...especially ones that I have to drive. You nailed it with the 'new game'. I'm thinking that I won't have enough grass to mow next year!

Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
I also wanted to add that I have the same Tach/hour meter. It came with the unit. I think it is cool to see the RPM's, but something I really have no need for, but I guess it is good for mechanical reasons if needed. I also like the twin Briggs, I don't know why so many are afraid of this engine? It is a good engine, I mean any engine can break down. I have heard my fair share of Honda and Kawi problems, so it is a crap shoot with any engine, just keep em tuned and they will treat you good. I service my engine once a season and I do it in the spring, probably around the 2nd or 3rd cut of the season. I change the fuel filter, airfilter, spark plug. I also drain the oil and change the oil filter and top it off with the proper weight and grade of AMSOIL. I also hit all the grease fittings and top off any other fluids and it is good to go for the season, my season anyway. If you do this everyear, your Briggs will treat you good for many years.
I agree on the use of the tach for mechanical use. In heavy grass I would like to see what the RPM's are for curiosity. I will be doing what you do each Spring also as for maintenance. I will be checking my air filter before each mow (as well as the oil level) because I have some areas that are kind of bare and will create quite a bit of dust.

Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
I have said a few times before that I was going to get the Briggs 26 ELS for the FreedomZ I was looking at a few years ago. It was not a question, I was not going to spend the extra money for a Kawi for roughly 30-40 hours of homeowner use a season. I mean my theory is that if you can get 500+ hours out of these engines, you got your moneys worth and you can just put a new engine in and start all over again.
Yep, for my use, I'm sure the Briggs will last me a long time.

Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
So with that, I am glad to hear that you finally got your mower. I was happy to see your post tonight, congrats

I will also add that if you could maybe add some photo's in the homeowner ztr and equipment page and a little story and info on your machine, it would be appreciated. This really helps future homeowners searching for equipment and it is always nice for them be able to ask you questions and opinions on your equipment.
Thanks. I want to post useful info on this mower to help somebody else who might be shopping for a mower in this 'class'. So I'll add some more pics and info to that thread after I get at least one mow on the MZ...which should be about the first part of next week. It took me some searching online to find pics and user input on the MZ's when I was researching. Maybe I can make it a little easier for somebodies research. And...I'm not saying that I would be trying to sway someone one way or the other...just to provide info.

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