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Originally Posted by lawnman_scott View Post
Am I the only one who had a terrible year? Mine was horendous. Cant even begin to compare to other years. I did a few estimates in the past two weeks and did them cheap, I figure I can do them through the winter then raise them if I have to, if they get mad, so be it. Not like they wouldn't use you through the summer then cancel.

Does anyone have a plan B, something to fall back on, or another direction to go if this lawn crap gets old or just falls apart?
Scott, you probably do, but you gotta realize that 80-90% of what you read on here or any other site like this is total BS (the stuff about finances, etc). Hell, I cut yards and I also live in a 2 million dollar mansion with a Porsche and a Rolls out front!

This has been an interesting year though, that's a fact!
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